Your success is my joy.

I am relentlessly committed to bringing your dreams to life.

MOVING IS A BIG TRANSITION. It can feel overwhelming, even under the best of circumstances. As a dedicated full-time agent, I am committed to helping clients navigate the buying and selling process.

My success is attributed to my ability to quickly become a trusted source, collaborator and passionate guide. Pairing ‘Matlock-esque’ probing with extreme attentiveness allows me to help clients achieve clarity on their vision and desired needs, resulting in successful and seamless transactions.

I am a tremendous advocate for my clients’ interests and will work tirelessly to ensure they achieve their goals.

My Featured Properties

My Featured Properties


“Meg is able to surface the extraordinarily simple yet necessary questions that the vast majority of people forget to ask. Her extreme attentiveness allows her to help her clients achieve clarity on their vision and needs, resulting in exceptional satisfaction.”

“Meg was outstanding at understanding our experience and perspective… from the broad strokes to the finest details, she cares to an extraordinary degree about people.”

From timelines to deliverables and surprise obstacles, Meg gracefully  and appropriately keeps all stakeholders up to date at all times.” 

“Meg embodies youthful flexibility, adaptability, and barrier-busting with the benefit of the kind of maturity and broad perspective that only life experience can provide.”